Demos and Mess Arounds 2011

by Merry Eiffel Tower High

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Just a place to put demos or little songs I've recorded this year. I have no plans on doing another ep or full length till next year so for now this will do.


released January 1, 2011

Jordan Ordinary



all rights reserved


Merry Eiffel Tower High London, UK

I've been in a lot of bands, 12 to be precise.
This is just something I do for myself to get stuff out.
If you like it you like it, if you don't you don't, it's no worries.
I've been doing this for 11 years it ain't no bother.
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Track Name: In My Bedroom
There's a window in my bedroom open wide
I hear the noise from the people driving cars outside
there's a door in my head that never seems to close
I hear it creaking as the wind runs through my bones

So, watch me lie
yes I always tried to keep 'em shut
No, that's a lie
It was just me that I closed up

There's a hole in my hands that never get to heal
So everything that I hold onto falls right through and seems to feel less real
and I had a spark in my voice that let my words on fire
but I put it out trying to drown myself in the deep end of the bar

So, watch em lie
yes I always tried to keep them lit
No, that's a lie
I guess I never really gave a shit

But in my bedroom there's a key hole to my soul
but the lock froze when the winter brought the cold
In my bedroom there's a window to my heart
but it's impossible to see now that the room is soaked in dark

Through my window there's a bedroom open wide
through my window there's a bedroom open wide.
Track Name: The Winter Solstice (A Reflection of Mind Apparent In The Axis of The Earth)
Broken doors
and broken lives
I hear the sun
it laughs at me at night
it's keeping me from sleeping

beating clocks
they fill the dark
their rusting hands
their working parts
they never stop repeating

I miss the days doing nothing at all
walk the streets doing nothing at all
come back
come sweetly

Closed off doors
are closed up lives
with out the sun there's only night
and nothing to know me

what could I do?
I spoke too soon
Shorter days and longer nights
I spoke too soon

I know that you know
that I know that you know
Track Name: A Broken Name
A Broken Name

Blood poured out this broken home
from a bullet to the chest
all the toys I used to bring to life
have died and awful death
and I would try
every night
to work this out

You took more than your bags with you
when you took everything you could
you packed one bag with our house and home
and the other with my childhood
and I grew up
and realised

That I may have your deep brown eyes
and we may share the same jaw line
and I may have the same quick wit
but that is it

I may live with this broken name
passed down from trees the same
the branches are torn and cropped
when the fruit withered and dropped
Track Name: Monkeys and Tigers
On my birthday
we went to the zoo
I was excited
and so were you

We saw monkeys
and tigers
and gorillas too but they looked so sad

The sign said that they were shy
but you thought that you knew why
you said you knew that they wanted to be back
in their natural habitat

and I wasn't sure if we
were talking about the gorillas
or me?
Track Name: Ghost Of A Good Thing (Dashboard Confessional)
This is a Dashboard Confessional song.